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Key Laboratory of Insect Developmental and Evolutionary Biology (IDEB), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was granted and established in 2009. Currently, there are one academician, seven full professors and eight associate professors plus more than 50 graduate students and post-docs at IDEB. The research conducted at IDEB are mainly focused on the genomics and functional genomics of insects, primarily the Bombyx mori and Drosophila melanogaster. The mission of IDEB is to reveal at molecular level the complexes of insect systematics, development, immunity and the interactions between insects and pathogens as well as the interactions between insects and plants. The knowledge acquired can be used for innovative insect pest managements, including the development of techniques and methods for genetic control of insect pest populations. In addition, IDEB will work together with the Shanghai Entomological Museum to train and educate graduates for advanced insect sciences, and to spread and broaden insect knowledge for general audience.

During the past few years, the scientists at IDEB have been involving in the research programs from the Ministry of Sciences and Technology (973 and 863 programs), National Natural Sciences Foundation of China and Chinese Academy of Sciences. A series of high impact papers have been published by IDEB members on the journals of Nature Biotechnology, PNAS, Plos Genetics, Development, Cell Research, Genome Biology, JBC, BMC Genomics and Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology and so on.

The director of IDEB is Prof. Yongping Huang, and the vice director is Prof. Cheng-shu Wang. The Chairman of IDEB academic committee is Prof. Le Kang.

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