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Key Laboratory of Insect Developmental and Evolutionary Biology, CAS
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Prof. YIN Wenying
Systematics and evolution of basal hexapods
Prof. HUANG Yongping
Insect Functional Genomics
Prof. LING Erjun
Insect innate immunity
Prof. MIAO Xuexia
Plant-Insect Interactions
Prof. TAN Anjiang
Insect Genetic Manipulation
Prof. WANG Chengshu
Insect Molecular Pathogenesis and Fungal Biology
Prof. WANG Sibao
Vector Insect-Pathogen Interactions
Prof. WEI Qing
Cilia and Insect Developmental Cell Biology
Prof. XU Yongzhen
RNA Splicing and Insect Development
Prof. YAN Dong
Insect Developmental Signaling
Prof. ZHAN Shuai
Population Genomics and Evolution of Insect
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