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2018-07-05 Microscopy Imaging Research Assistant /Technician Position in Cell Biology
2018-04-28 A Post-doctoral research associate position available in Dr Evangelos Tatsis’s group
2018-01-31 A Postdoctoral Research Scientist Position in Plant-Microbe Interactions
2018-01-25 Research Associate position available in legume nodulation
2018-01-19 Post-doc/research associate positions available in Dr. Xiufang Xin’s lab
2017-11-13 Postdoctoral Research Fellow or Assistant Specialist in the Plant Environmental Epigenetics Laboratory
2017-07-21 Postdoctoral Research Scientist Positions in Plant Molecular Biology
2017-06-09 Post-docs and lab manager positions available in Dr. XIN Xiufang’s lab
2017-06-02 Technician position (molecular biology) in the Molecular Plant-Virus interactions group – Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology.
2017-05-27 Post-docs and lab manager positions available in Dr.Evangelos Tatsis‘s lab
Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Sciences (CEPAMS)
CEPAMS Group Leader Positions
2015-05-15 Associate/Assistant Professor positions available in Dr. Yongping Huang’s labs
2014-12-05 Postdoc Positions Available in CAS Key Lab of Synthetic Biology
2014-07-02 A post-doctoral position available in Dr. Yongping Huang’s lab
2011-12-26 A post-doctoral position available in Dr. Yongping Huang’s lab

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