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  Highlights of Achivements
Highlights of Achivements

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2018-05-31 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene targeting in Arabidopsis using sequential transformation
2018-05-03 A Lepidopteran Nuclease Suppresses RNAi
2018-04-03 A new component of the N6-methyladenosinemethyltransferase complex and Drosophila sex determination pathway
2018-02-08 DNA damage induced by oxidized pyrimidine nucleotidecontributes to antibiotic lethality
2018-02-02 UV signal regulates photomorphogenesis through modulating plant hormone response
2018-01-31 UVR8 interacts with WRKY36 to regulate hypocotyl elongation
2018-01-30 How plant cells talk about viruses - and how viruses silence them
2018-01-23 2017 PSC Annual Retreat
2018-01-22 Scientists Discover a Turning Point for the Mitosis to Meiosis Transition
2018-01-17 New study identifies a potential source of resistance against the devastating crop disease bacterial wilt
2018-01-03 Scientists discovered aprotein phosphorylation loop thatlinks Target of Rapamycin (TOR) kinase withABA receptor coupled signaling and balances plant stress response and growth
2017-11-10 How do Plants Adapt to Coastal and Saline Soil?
2017-11-06 New Study Identifies Optimized ABA Analogs with Higher-than-natural Hormone Activities
2017-10-31 Research Reveals Embryonic Resetting of Parental Epigenetic Marks in Plants
2017-10-23 Dual Biosynthesis of the Anticancer Compounds Cordycepin and Pentostatin by a Single Gene Cluster in Fungi

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